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Gearbox manufacturers introduce you to the cause of gearbox oil leakage?

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1. slowing downGearbox processingWhen, a pair of gears in the gearbox will rub against the heat.Gearbox processingWithin a period of time, the reduction gearbox will become a gearbox, and the reduction temperature in the gearbox will increase.If the volume of the stuffing box does not change and the stuffing box is not opened, the real cap on the top cover will be heated, but the free discharge will balance the pressure inside and outside the stuffing box, otherwise the lubricating oil will expand along the surface and the axial direction, from the inside of the stuffing box. Leaks in other gaps such as seals.

2.Reduction gearbox processingThe structure design is unreasonable and there is no protective cover.The inspection hole cover is too thin, the joint surface is not flat, and the contact gap is leaking; the reduction gear box is processed, the casting is not annealed and aging, the internal stress is not eliminated during the gear box processing, and the deformation is exposed from the oil gap; if it does not return to the oil tank , The lubricating oil will accumulate in the shaft seal, end cover, joint surface, etc.In addition, due to oil leakage, lubricating oil will leak from the gap under the action of the pressure difference, and the design of the shaft seal structure is unreasonable.

3. The operation when the reduction gear box cover is closed is not very standardized in ideology.

4. Excessive refueling of gearbox processing.A large amount of oil collects on shaft seals, joint surfaces, etc.

5. Improper maintenance process of gearbox.If oil stains are delayed, sealant selection is delayed, reverse sealing or replacement is delayed, oil leakage may occur.