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Gear manufacturers: What are the requirements for hobbing cutters in planetary gear processing?

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On the planetGear processingIn addition to productivity, quality and process reliability are also the focus of research and development.Even for the machining of large planetary gears, this high demand is achieved through special structural solutions.For example, the precision of the indexable insert milling cutter with the fan-shaped structure can even reach the AAA quality level of finishing.This kind of hobbing cutter adopts the new tool material of the gear processing plant, and the performance is between powder high speed steel and cemented carbide.Therefore, planetary gear machining can use higher cutting parameters (the gear manufacturer of this hobbing cutter uses a new tool gear manufacturer material, which is composed of cobalt, molybdenum and iron, and does not contain carbon. This material It can combine the advantages of higher carbide cutting speed and the insensitivity of powder metallurgy high speed steel to temperature fluctuations, so as to achieve a higher cutting speed than powder metallurgy high speed steel, and increase gear processing production efficiency by 30%).If the same new coating material is used in combination, the productivity can be increased by more than 50% compared with traditional tools.This means shortening the processing time and greatly reducing the processing cost of a single gear.The application of this tool here is for milling gear manufacturers (3rd gears) of automotive transmissions.

When we machine gears, it is a grinding process.At this time, what should I do if cracks or other phenomena occur during gear processing?Therefore, we need to find out the reason before we can take corresponding measures to avoid this problem from happening again.Extrusion in the grinding process sometimes causes some problems, such as poor cooling effect, but high calorific value, making the temperature as high as 500-800.At this time, the surface of the workpiece of the gear processing manufacturer will have problems such as swelling, which will cause tensile stress.If these two conditions are superimposed, cracks in the gear processing plant will appear on the end face of the ring gear.Therefore, based on the above analysis, we can conclude two reasons: improper selection of the grinding wheel, fast grinding speed, and insufficient cooling.So, based on these reasons, what measures can be taken in gear processing?Measure XNUMX: When choosing the grinding wheel, the abrasive material with good hardness, strength and heat resistance should be selected, and the grinding wheel provided by the gear factory should be made of soft material.Measure XNUMX: Adjust the pressure and flow direction of the coolant to improve the cooling effect.Control the feed speed of grinding.If necessary, rough grinding and fine grinding can be carried out separately by the gear processing plant.In addition, inMachining gearAt the same time, the use of suitable gear processing technology is also very important, this point can not be ignored.