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How to process the gearbox?Is there anything I need to pay attention to?

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Gearbox processingIt is a product that requires high precision, especially the degree of cooperation between gears and housing, the degree of cooperation between gears, and even minor structural changes will affect the degree of cooperation between them.If the housing of the gearbox changes, corresponding to the modularization of the housing gear, the number of teeth may change, and the internal structure may also change.The gearbox is not human.Changing clothes, changing people, or repairing the gearbox casing can all change the structure.The housing and internal gear of the gearbox are tightly connected, so you can't change the housing and internal structure of the gearbox at will in order to save money!

Every day, we see that customers want to choose the gearbox model to use.Every time we meet such a customer, it is difficult for our customer service to explain that the appearance of the gearbox should not be changed by itself.Doing so will change the internal structure of the gearbox and reopen the mold.Will replacing the gearbox housing change the internal structure of the gearbox?

Gearbox motors, also called gearbox motors, also include small gearbox motors.The gearbox motor consists of multiple planetary gears rotating around the sun gear, resulting in a lower gear ratio and a proportional increase in motor torque.

Gearbox processingFeatures: smooth transmission, large carrying capacity, small space, large transmission ratio, especially long service life compared with similar ordinary gearboxes.If the gear is made of steel, the service life is as short as 1000 hours, which is beautiful.

Gearbox motor applications: Gearboxes are widely used. In addition to small motors, they are also used in the sunshade industry, office automation, smart home, production automation, medical equipment, financial equipment, gaming tables and other fields.Such as automatic curtains, smart toilets, lifting systems, cash sorting tables, etc.

General principles of gearbox processing and maintenance:

1. For large gearboxes, it is necessary to formulate and strictly implement gearbox repair procedures.

2. Regular gearbox processing, inspection and maintenance.Don't disassemble and unload easily, and arrange dedicated maintenance.Strict maintenance systems and procedures should be established, and maintenance records should be kept.

3. Various performance indexes and special requirements of lubricating oil should be strictly guaranteed.During the inspection, the performance of the lubricating oil shall be tested, filtered, analyzed and evaluated.

4. When replacing parts, check the parts in time, and assemble them according to the original assembly requirements after they are qualified.

5. During maintenance and assembly, the assembly and installation must be carried out according to the original mark, and the original mutual positional relationship between the parts and the required metal degree, such as the contact surface of the gear, the vertical and horizontal degree of the gear box, and the joint Coaxiality of the shaft, etc.

6. After the gearbox is processed and repaired, it must be tested and run, and then put into production after passing the inspection.

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