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Machining gearbox company tells you how to reduce the noise of gearbox

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Machining gearboxIt is widely used, for example in wind turbines.Gearboxes are important mechanical components widely used in wind turbines.Its main function is to transfer the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of the wind to the generator, so that it can obtain the corresponding speed.

The processing gearbox has a long service life, and long-term use will damage the equipment, so we need regular maintenance to extend its service life.In addition, various problems may occur during the use of the gearbox, and everyone should check and solve them in time.

The influence of gear machining error on noise.Reducing and controlling gearbox noise is the basis for reducing gearbox motor noise.In order to reduce gear noise, it is necessary to consider both structural design and gear accuracy.

1. The structural design requirements of low-noise gears.The customized structure design of the gearbox has a very important effect on noise.The ideal design is to increase the bending strength of the gear teeth as much as possible, choose a larger modification coefficient and appropriate helix angle, and increase the meshing coefficient, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

2. The effect of gearbox precision on noise.For standard series gearbox motors, the noise value is determined by the manufacturing accuracy of the gears.The gears of the customized motor in the gearbox are mainly used to transmit the speed and torque, so the level of working stability is the main requirement of the gear manufacturing accuracy.Gears with higher working stability not only have a long service life, but also have less impact and vibration during transmission, so they are limitedGearbox processingThe working stability error is the key to reducing gear noise.

(2) The influence of working stability accuracy on noise.The accuracy of the gearbox processing stability is to limit the change of the gearbox's instantaneous speed ratio. The error is that the gearbox will have multiple angle errors every time the gearbox rotates, causing the gearbox to collide and vibrate during the meshing process, resulting in gear noise. A high-frequency impact sound.For a customized gearbox, the factors that affect its working stability are the base distance error and the involute tooth profile error.

(3) The influence of processing gearbox contact accuracy on noise.The comprehensive index for evaluating gear contact accuracy is contact point, poor contactGearbox customizationWill produce a lot of noise.The reasons for poor gear contact are: tooth orientation error affects tooth length contact, base pitch deviation and tooth profile error affect tooth height contact.

(4) The influence of gearbox customized motion accuracy on noise.The movement accuracy of the gearbox refers to the accuracy of the transmission movement, that is, the error of each corner of the gearbox cannot exceed a certain limit.Because the accuracy of gear movement is a large period error (gear rotates once), the cumulative error caused by the radial runout of the ring gear will produce low-frequency noise, but when the cumulative error of the pitch increases, it will cause gear meshing impact and angular velocity changes. , The noise will increase significantly at this time, making a "rumble" sound.