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[XINLAN Seiko knowledge] Application range of gearbox processing

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Gearbox processingWidely used in the machinery industry, such as wind turbines.Gearboxes are important mechanical components widely used in wind turbines.Its main function is to transfer the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of the wind to the generator, so that it can obtain the corresponding speed.

Usually the speed of the wind wheel is very low, far from reaching the required speed of the generator.It must be realized by the speed-increasing action of the gear pair of the gearbox, so the gearbox is also called the speed-increasing box.

Gearbox processingThe lubrication system is of great significance to the normal operation of the gearbox.Large-scale wind power gearboxes must be equipped with a reliable forced lubrication system, and the gear meshing area and bearings must be lubricated with oil.Insufficient lubrication accounts for more than half of the causes of gearbox failures.Lubricating oil temperature is related to component fatigue and the life of the entire system. -Generally speaking, the maximum oil temperature during normal operation of the gearbox should not exceed 80, and the temperature difference between different bearings should not exceed 15.When the oil temperature is higher than 65, the cooling system starts to work.When the oil temperature is lower than 10, the lubricating oil should be heated to the preset temperature before starting.

In summer, due to the long-term full power state of wind turbines and high-altitude direct sunlight, the operating temperature of the oil rises above the set value; when used in the severe cold region of the northeast in winter, the low temperature often reaches below 30, and the lubricating oil in the lubrication pipeline is not smooth, gears, and bearings. Insufficient lubrication caused the gearbox to stop running at high temperatures, and the tooth surfaces and bearings were worn.In addition, low temperature will increase the viscosity of the transmission oil, and the oil pump will be overloaded when starting.

Gearbox processing lubricating oil has the best operating temperature range. It is recommended to design a lubricating oil thermal management system for the gearbox lubrication system: when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the cooling system starts to work, and when the temperature falls below a certain value, the heating system starts Work, the temperature is always controlled within a better range.In addition, improving the quality of lubricating oil is also an important aspect that must be considered in the lubrication system.Lubricating oil products must have excellent low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature stability, and research on high-performance lubricants should be strengthened.

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