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Machining wear-resistant gears

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The new gear includes: a gear body, with external teeth on the outer wall of the gear body, a shaft hole in the center, and at least two oil guide blind holes. The gear body is evenly distributed on the inner wall of the shaft hole. The utility model is equipped with at least two oil guide blind holes. The lubricating oil can flow from the outside to the oil guide blind holes. The gear body can be accumulated in the oil guide blind holes during the rotation process The lubricating oil is exported or introduced from the blind hole of the oil guide. There is lubricating oil between the main body of the gear and the object in contact with it. A through hole is provided on the main body of the gear.

Machining wear-resistant gearsIt is a ring-shaped mechanical component that transmits torque through tooth engagement.The gear is transmitted with other toothed mechanical components (such as other gears, racks, worms), and can realize the functions of changing the speed and torque, changing the direction of motion, and changing the form of motion.Due to the advantages of high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission ratio, and large power range, gear mechanisms are widely used in industrial products, and their design and manufacturing level directly affect the quality of industrial products.

When the teeth of the gears are stuck on the gears, the other gear will rotate to transmit power.It is also possible to separate the two gears and use chains, crawlers, and belts to drive the gears on both sides to transmit power, so that linear vibration cannot be achieved.At present, wear-resistant gears have low wear resistance and high cost, which affects work efficiency.