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High-power gearbox customization

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High PowerGearbox customizationNoise is mainly generated by friction, vibration and collision of transmission gears. How to effectively reduce and reduce noise and make tooth surface gearboxes more suitable for environmental protection requirements is a key research topic at home and abroad.Many scholars at home and abroad regard the change of gear tooth meshing stiffness in gear transmission as the main factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise.The method of shape correction is to reduce dynamic load and speed variation, and reduce noise for the purpose.This method has proven to be an effective method in practice.However, this method requires technical repair equipment, which in many cases cannot be achieved in small and medium-sized factories.

After years of research, some scholars have optimized gear parameters, such as displacement coefficient, tooth height coefficient, pressure angle, center distance, etc., to minimize the meshing impact speed, and the ratio of meshing impact speed to meshing impact speed is within a certain range of values. Reduce or avoid the impact of the meshing pitch circle

1. Vibration reduction and cut-off measures

When installing the hard gearbox, please pay attention to avoid resonance and noise between the main body and the foundation support and connecting parts.Inside the hard gearbox, one or more gears mostly resonate within a certain speed range. Except for design reasons, the resonance position is not grasped in the sky during installation.It is directly related to taking corresponding damping or cutting off measures.Where low transmission noise and vibration are requiredHard tooth surface gearboxAmong them, some must choose a substrate with high toughness and high attenuation to reduce the occurrence of noise and vibration.

2. Adjust the geometric accuracy of parts

As the geometric accuracy during installation is not up to standard, the resonance of hard gearbox parts produces noise, which should be directly related to improving the installation process, increasing the tooling, and ensuring the overall quality of the assembly personnel.

3. Loose parts

When the gearbox is installed, the looseness of individual parts (such as shaft receiving force mechanism, shaft positioning mechanism, etc.) will cause system positioning deviation, abnormal position meshing, and shaft connection movement, resulting in vibration and noise.From the point of view of the design structure of this series, we must try our best to ensure the stability of the connection of each mechanism, and adopt a variety of connection methods.

4. The transmission parts are damaged

Improper operation of transmission components during installation can cause damage, resulting in inaccurate system motion and unstable motion of high-speed moving parts that cause oil film vibration due to damage; artificial vibration and noise that cause unbalanced motion of the mover.These reasons should be paid attention to during the installation process and must be avoided as much as possible.Damaged parts that cannot be repaired must be replaced in order for the system to reach a stable noise level.

Hard gearbox noisy solution two: use and maintenance

The correct use and maintenance of the hardware gearbox cannot reduce the system noise level and ensure the transmission accuracy, but it can prevent the deterioration of the index and prolong the life.

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