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Gearbox processing

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Gearbox processingHas a wide range of applications, such as the application in wind turbines,Gearbox processingIt is an important mechanical part widely used in wind turbines.Its main function is that the windmill transmits the power generated by the wind to the generator to obtain the corresponding speed.

The speed of the windmill is generally very low, far less than the speed required by the generator to generate electricity. It must be achieved through the speed-increasing effect of the gear pair of the gearbox, so the gearbox is also called the speed-increasing box.

The gearbox must bear the force from the windmill and the reaction force generated during gear transmission, have sufficient rigidity and bear the effect of force and moment, prevent deformation and ensure the transmission quality.The design of the gearbox housing must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of wind turbine power transmission configuration, processing and assembly conditions, and convenient inspection and maintenance.With the rapid development of the gearbox industry, more and more industries and different companies are used in the gearbox industry, and more and more companies are developing in the gearbox industry.

According to the modular design principle of the gearbox unit structure, the types of parts are greatly reduced, which is suitable for mass production and flexible and diverse choices.The helical gears and helical gears of the reducer are all carburized and quenched with high-quality alloy steel. The tooth surface hardness is as high as 602HRC, and the tooth surface grinding accuracy is as high as 5-6.