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How is the bevel gear tooth profile formed?

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Bevel gearIt is used to transmit the movement and power between two intersecting shafts. In general machinery, the angle of intersection between the two shafts of the bevel gear is equal to 90° (but it may not be equal to 90°).Similar to cylindrical gears, bevel gears have indexing cones, addendum cones, tooth root cones and base cones.The cone has a big end and a small end, and the circle corresponding to the big end is called the index circle (its radius is r), the addendum circle, the root circle and the base circle.The movement of a pair of bevel gears is equivalent to a pair of pitch cones for pure rolling.

The formation of the tooth profile of the bevel gear is similar to that of the cylindrical gear. The difference is that the base cone is used instead of the base cylinder.The generating surface S is tangent to the generatrix of the base cone.When the generating surface S is purely rolling along the base cone, any straight line OK on the generating surface in contact with the generatrix ON of the base cone will form an involute curved surface in space.This curved surface is the tooth profile curved surface of the spur bevel gear.The trajectory of each point on the line OK is an involute (the involute at the vertex O is a point).Each point on the involute NK is equidistant from the cone O, so the involute must be on a spherical surface centered on the cone O and with a radius of OK, that is, NK is a spherical involute.

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