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XINLAN Seiko will explain the four major assemblies of marine gearboxes!

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Machining gearboxThe correct assembly is very important to the structure of the gear drive.Let me give you a detailed introduction:

one,Machining gearboxCoordination of hour gear and shaft

Machining gearBefore the box is compacted, lubricating oil should be added to the mating surfaces of the gear and the shaft.When the mating surface is conical, the coloring method should be used to check the contact state, and the poor contact should be scratched to meet the requirements.The radial runout of the assembled gear shaft and the end face runout of the gear ring should be checked.

2. Check the center distance and axis parallelism of the two gears when processing the gearbox

Before processing the gearbox, the gear shaft or inspection mandrel should be placed in the bearing housing hole of the gearbox, and then the center distance and shaft parallelism should be checked.Before the gear shaft is installed in the gear box, the intermediate distance between the two bearing housing holes can be measured with a special vernier caliper, or with a check mandrel and inner diameter micrometer or a vernier caliper.

Third, the function of processing the meshing gap of the gearbox is to store lubricating oil

Compensate the machining error of the gear size and the assembly error of the intermediate distance, and compensate the thermal deformation and elastic deformation of the gear and gearbox during operation.There are only three inspection methods for machining gearbox backlash: feeler gauge method, dial gauge method and lead pressure method.

Four.The inspection of gear meshing contact when processing gearboxes generally adopts painting methods

Spread the red lead evenly on the tooth surface of the actively machined gearbox.After using it to drive the driven gear to rotate several times, the color traces will be printed.According to the color trajectory, it can be judged whether the gear tooth surface contact is correct.The contact surface of the correctly assembled gear is evenly distributed on the pitch line, and the contact area should meet the requirements.In order to correct the incorrect tooth contact when machining the gearbox, it can be corrected by changing the position of the centerline of the machining gearbox, grinding the bearing sleeve or machining the tooth profile.

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