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How to process the gearbox?What is special about gearbox processing?

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Machining gearboxAcceleration and deceleration are commonly referred to as variable speed gearboxes.To change the transmission direction, for example, we can use two sector gears to transmit the force perpendicularly to another shaft.Change the turning point.Under the same power condition, the faster the gear speed, the smaller the torque on the shaft, and vice versa.Clutch function: We can separate the engine and the load by separating the two gears initially engaged.Such as brake clutch.Distribute power.For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple driven shafts through the main shaft of the gearbox, so that one engine can drive multiple loads.

Machining gearboxVibration is mainly caused by gear meshing, gear meshing shock and pitch line shock.It is normal for a gear with a smooth shift to vibrate slightly.However, if the vibration is large, it is a malfunction.The gear processing accuracy is low, does not meet the technical requirements, the gear shaft rigidity is insufficient, and the box body is deformed, which will cause the gear meshing shock and vibration.Machining gearFor abnormal vibration, first carefully check whether the axis of the connecting shaft between the gear box and adjacent parts has sufficient rigidity, whether the connecting bolts are loose or damaged, and readjust, repair and strengthen the problematic parts. In this way, abnormal vibration can be basically eliminated.Due to abnormal vibration caused by gear and bearing failures, the lighter ones can repair gears and tooth surfaces, clean the bearings, and remove foreign matter entering the bearings, and the heavier ones should be replaced with new ones.For the repair of the deformation of the box and gear, see the repair part of the gear shaft and the box.

Machining gearboxes are widely used in industrial fields.In this type of transmission, the large gear is mounted on the low-speed shaft and the small gear is mounted on the high-speed wheel.The transmission and meshing between the gears are used to adjust the speed.

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